I’m going rogue with today’s AEDM post. You can see my #4 in the image above. Embrace. What am I embracing? Well, this week, I’m trying to embrace everything. Embrace processes. Creativity. Community. Communications. Life’s busyness. If I try to fight it, it will be one of those crazy lady weeks, and none of us want to see what that looks like right?

So for my #5 entry, I present the following…


This is my general work area when I’m not at the computer. It’s quite a spread, no? I’m embracing messes.


I’m embracing gentle reminders that tend to come to mind at just the right moments, when I feel like the busyness of responsibility just might swallow me whole.


I am embracing sticky notes. (I’m a bit of a sticky-note junkie.)
(Dear Santa, I’m running low on sticky notes.)


I’m embracing the creative process. That which to everyone else just looks like a pile of books and journals and notes and scribbles and sketches. But for me, it’s just part of breathing. Breathing in wisps of inspiration, and breathing out, well, messes.

What do your processes look like?

6 thoughts on “AEDM #4 and #5

  1. Hello, so glad to see this post today! I love everything about it, the sketching, painting, creative mess and they way you wrote this, SO FUNNY!! I to live and breathe thru my creative messes too, it inspires me to keep going and to play more.
    Such pretty art and lettering you have!
    Enjoy the day and the mess!

  2. Hooray for embracing the creative process, each and every part of it. Such a great reminder. If you saw the mess my creativity makes? Well, thank goodness you can’t!

    The “Embrace” card is beautiful, by the way… and your photos are lovely captures of life, in the present moment.

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