Here are my next two pieces for the Art Every Day Month challenge. This has been fun “meeting” folks around the globe through this little expedition. That being said, this is getting harder than I expected, which means I’m doing it wrong. I think It means I’m trying too hard and not just going with the flow and having fun with it. That crazy voice in my head is telling me I should just throw in the towel and stick with what I know. Leave real art to the real artists. But then as I started to doodle some little flowers, trying to think of something to share, Hebrews 13:21 came to mind.


And I was reminded that it doesn’t matter how great it is or isn’t. It’s more about doing and putting it out there. Remember that Andy Warhol quote from a few weeks ago? Yeah that… So that’s my #6 for the challenge. Ta-da! I love those ah-ha moments.


And then came #7. Just a quick doodle in gouache. I had fun playing around with it, but I think I’ll save gouache for playing.

(Note to self, I plan on doing this hymn again. It’s another oldie-but-goodie and a favorite of mine. I think it deserves more attention to be in the “collection” I’m wanting to build).

Does anyone else have that internal struggle to just go with it?

Thanks for playing along!

2 thoughts on “AEDM #6 and #7

  1. I love your art so much, such great lettering and doodling you have. I am doing something new for this AEDM challenge and each day I get a bit braver. It’s great to spread our happiness and blessings and ART to let it bring some happiness to others. Seeing your pages makes me SMILE BIG, thank you for that. Please keep sharing and come by sometime to say hello. Will try to add some more happy colors like yours into my prayer journal. Have a Happy Day!

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