Studio after...

2014 is coming to a close and maybe like you, I’m mapping out goals and plans for 2015. A new year… a fresh start… a blank canvas… and lots of supplies to organize and use up! Over Christmas break, after all the family visits, wrapping papers were recycled and decorations back in storage, my husband suggested something absurb…

He suggested we turn this:

Studio Before...

…into this:

Studio after...

We do use our dining room. I grab arm-fulls of supplies from my cluttered office and haul it over to the big dining room table for room to spread out and make a mess, and then haul it all back to the cluttered office. And we do use it once a year for actual food consumption… Again, hauling chairs from our kitchen to the bigger table, then hauling it all back to the kitchen. The kids will use it for their art projects, or lego creations or hide and seek… But generally, it was the most under-used room in the house on a daily basis.

So as overwhelming as the job felt to clear out my office and move furniture, it made sense to follow Señor’s lead and make it happen. We didn’t want to spend too much money, and besides, we have plenty of shelves between the bookshelf from my office and my grandmother’s corner china cabinet. So we searched Pinterest for some pinspiration and found this studio tour to get us started. And so, we got to work decluttering old papers and boxes and bins…

2014_schacon_studio04 2014_schacon_studio182014_schacon_studio202014_schacon_studio09  2014_schacon_studio19  2014_schacon_studio13 2014_schacon_studio14 2014_schacon_studio162014_schacon_studio15  2014_schacon_studio17 2014_schacon_studio112014_schacon_studio12

My grandmother’s corner china cabinet never gets touched and we’ve probably used the few pieces of china once or twice. Now, they hold a stash of supplies and a few special keepsakes I’ve collected and created.

2014_schacon_studio10 2014_schacon_studio072014_schacon_studio042014_schacon_studio052014_schacon_studio03   2014_schacon_studio06 2014_schacon_studio02

So there’s my new studio. Front and center in our home, full of great light and purpose.

For those wondering how we did it… The shelves are just 3 pieces of crown molding Señor picked up from the hardware store. They have grooves great for holding my papers and prints on display, and sturdy enough that I can sit canvases there too. We spent about $35 for three shelves and a few packs of L-brackets. I’d still like a few essential pieces like a comfy chair and a rug to protect our floor. But really, I’m ready to get busy in here and make something!

I’m always inspired by glimpses of where other people create. Leave me a note or a link below and share your creative space!


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