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2013schacon_GospelQuote02I’m Stacey Chacon. I’m glad you’re here.
If we haven’t formally met, I’m a graphic artist, hand-letterer, heart-sharer, extreme doodler (I promise, I’m paying attention!), mom-entrepreneur, ministry worker, wife, and mom of three, a daughter, a sister, a friend. I live a creative life serving God and neighbor.

What’s this Artwork to Heartwork about?

“Whatever you are doing, let your hearts be in your work, as a thing done for the Lord and not for men.”
– Colossians 3:23

Creating inspirational artwork is my muse! My artwork is often my heart-work. Nothing calms my spirit quite like sitting down with my paints and pens, quieting my mind and breathing my soul out onto the page or canvas. It is my quiet meditation in the busyness of life. It is me listening to God and praying in return.

And that’s what I feel I am called to do: To share these breaths of this graceful heartwork with you. To encourage and inspire. So that what starts as my own heartwork, becomes artwork, and ignites a spark of inspiration back to your own heart.

My Artwork to Heartwork is my calling, and I’m so very excited to see where it leads.

Graphic Design

I’m also a “graphic designer” – but I prefer “graphic artist” – it’s the same really…


I’ve been good friends with Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign for more than 15 years. (And before that, PageMaker and Quark were also ol’ pals since high school and college!)

I’m one of the rare finds who is still putting that arts degree to work. I’m happy to help with just about any kind of graphic design needs you may have. I have experience with branding and marketing full suites for Conferences and Retreats, brochures, booklets, magazines and newsletters… You get the idea. I also enjoy designing wedding stationary for brides and event planners. And branding suites for small business entrepreneurs.

You can hop over to my portfolio for an idea of the scope of work I do, and then let me know if something sparks your interest – I’m glad to help any way I can!

In my free time…

SC-WaterfallWhen I’m not in front of the computer, you might find me in “the studio” (aka: my home office) doodling, painting, and generally day dreaming. If you can’t find me there, check the hiking trails around our gorgeous Blue Ridge Mountains where I’m out with the family for a day trip or pitched a tent for an over-nighter.  I might be tinkering with the camera trying find some good light for just the right shot. If you still can’t find me, check under that pile of laundry and Legos. And seriously, if you still can’t find me, I’m in a quiet spot soaking up some solitude and heartwork.
“Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide if it’s good or bad, whether they love it or hate it. While they are deciding, make even more art.”
• Andy Warhol

What they said…

“Stacey Chacon is a very creative, talented graphic designer who always puts the client’s needs first! She has a wonderful ability of reading one’s mind of what one would like to see for their finished product. I would highly recommend Stacey to anyone who wants to work with a consummate professional and end up with a spectacularly finished product of which anyone would be proud!”
~ M. Mallett, CPC, North Carolina Association of Staffing Professionals
“Thanks Stacey!! You were a joy to work with. Thanks for crafting exactly what I was looking for!!  You took my vision and made it reality!!”
~ M. Elliott, Technology & Communications Mgr., First Baptist Church, Richmond Kentucky

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  1. Love you & your artwork to heartwork. You have inspired me in so many ways!! I am more excited for you than you could imagine! ♡ Dee ♡

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