Whewwww! I’m calling it good-to-go. I’m excited to share about what I’ve been working on for the past few months! There – I said it!


I could keep tweaking and adjusting and adding and taking away but at some point you have draw the line and trust the process. I’m incredibly thankful for all of the encouragement from personal friends (near and far on the interwebs too!) to dive in and do what I love – inspirational artwork, doodles, and digital designs… And share it more broadly with all of you.

While my “freelance design business” has been my go-to for the past – oh 14 years (really!? wow!!) – my passions and soul work often got pushed aside to meet the next deadline. So I’ve decided to change direction just a smidge. I’m looking forward to partnering with other creative entrepreneurs for inspiring and encouraging work that matters on a different level. I’m excited to use the talents I’ve been gifted for a greater purpose. More on that later…

Stacey Chacon, Artwork to Heartwork
Today though, I want to share a peek into the process I go through with many of my clients’ branding projects. I’ve experienced the frustration that comes with having little to no road map for where we’re heading with a brand design. I’ve found a lot people assume branding is just – a logo – just clipart and trendy font collaged together. But your brand, my brand, tells a personal story. And just like any good novel or movie starts with a storyboard, so does a brand.

I start with an inspiration moodboard. I chose images that reflect my personality, lifestyle, work, inspiration (I spy some Katie Daisy and Illustrated Faith). From that collection, I chose a color palette to start with.


From there, I work up several sketches of logo options – yes, good old fashion pencil and paper – and then bring those ideas into Illustrator for digitizing and pulling it all together.


I tried a few on for size, and landed one that fits me just right. I have an element of handmade to reflect my love of color, lettering and paint and mixed that with a classic font for emphasis and modern font for a light and tender tagline. Put it all together and what have we got? BAM! A reflection of who I am and what I do and what I share with you! 🙂

As a very important final step I like to create a “branding guide” with all of the final elements of the design together in one docket.


I love seeing all the pieces together like this! I am by far the toughest critic and hard to please when it’s my own brand image at stake. If you haven’t popped over to read about the Heart of my work, jump on over there for a little insight into where this crazy train might be heading. 🙂

So that’s what I’ve been working on the past – oh…months… What have you been up to?

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